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5 Top Tips to Write The Perfect CV

Your CV is the first step in your search for your next job. It’s your chance to change your life, earn more money and take that next step in your career.

It’s been an interesting couple of years for engineering and manufacturing! The pandemic caused most of us to pause daily life. But the engineering and manufacturing sector were considered key workers in many cases and the sector continues to flourish.

Lots of companies are recruiting. However, there are also lots of candidates looking to change careers into a more ‘post-pandemic’ stable sector. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that you stand out! Making sure your CV stands out from the crowd may mean the difference between being shortlisted or not. You may have all the skills and experience, but a weak CV can have a detrimental effect on whether or not you get the chance to interivew for your dream job.

1. Be sure to tailor your CV to each job

When you are applying for a number of roles, tailoring your CV may seem like an unnecessary headache. However, taking the time to make sure your CV is specific to the role you are applying for can make a big difference!

TOP CV TIP – Have the job advert or job description to hand when tailoring your CV. The answers to all your questions are probably in there – if you look hard enough.

Is there a list of desirable and essential skills? Why not put these into a table on your CV or cover letter and score yourself out of 10? Or maybe include how many years experience you have for each area?

What sector does the business operate in? Have you had experience in this sector before? Or do you have transferable skills. Remember, it’s important to highlight this.

Do your research. Are there particular pain points that the sector is experiencing? Have you worked in a similar environment before? Maybe you have even identified and resolved similar pain points previously. Make sure you shout about it!

Tailoring a CV is a lot more than a 2 minute job. Take your time and the rewards will be worth it. We can help too! We see a lot of CV’s, as you can imagine, and we know what hiring managers like to see. Let us help to make sure that you are presenting the best version of your skills and experience.

2. What about your profile? Do you need one?

Did you know that decisions on CV’s are made in as little as 6 seconds? That’s not a long time! You have to stand out right from the start.

You should always include a personal profile at the top of your CV. Think of it as an executive summary of your whole CV. What if a hiring manager only reads this section? Would they get a good idea on your suitability for the job? If not, then you need a re-write.

Think of your profile as you ‘elevator pitch’. Can you get across your key points in just a few sentences? Can you entice people enough to want to know more about you?

Ask a friend to read your profile and give you honest feedback. Getting feedback from people who really know you is always a good idea for that all important profile. Remember – you have 6 seconds to impress!

writing the perfect CV

3. Getting the basics right

Your CV could be your one chance to shine! Don’t miss the opportunity by having spelling, grammar or any other, easy to rectify, mistakes. When it comes to deciding who to invite for interview, or even who to offer a job to, a mistake could make the difference between an interview, or an offer, or not.

We know how easy it can be to miss something really simple. But this is important. Get someone to check your CV as they may notice something you haven’t. A mistake can make it look like you rush jobs, don’t check your work, or have poor attention to detail. Not great qualities in a new hire. Make sure you are representing yourself to the very best of your abilities.

4. Focus on results rather than responsibilities

This is a really great way to make your CV stand out. Listing your responsibilities for each job is good, but it doesn’t prove that you were any good at them.

Think about the results you achieved in your role. Can you use these to sell yourself? Whatever you achieved, make sure you show it in your CV. Be as specific as you can and make sure your results are in bold, or even a different colour.

Whatever you choose as your results, aligning them with the job requirements can get you straight to the top of the CV pile.

5. Make your CV easy to read

Finally, making your CV easy to read is really important. You’ve already gone to all the effort of making it your best application. It’s tailored to meet the job. and your personal profile is fantastic. You’ve found some excellent examples of impressive results you’ve achieved. But, if it’s not laid out properly or is difficult to read then it may all have been in vain.

A CV that looks nice will stand out, yes. But it also has to be simple to read.

Finding a job with PSi Talent

We are helping lots of manufacturing and engineering companies across the UK to recruit the best talent. We have a fantastic range of jobs and we’d love to share these with you. Why not take a look at all our latest jobs? And, if you see something you like, get in touch. Our expert team are on hand to help make 2022 the perfect year for your career!


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