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Attracting the Best Candidates During a Skills Crisis

Attracting the best candidates is becoming harder. The UK jobs market is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Job vacancies are over 1m for the first time ever! However, we are currently working with our clients to help ensure that they still attract the best candidates.

Therefore, we are not just sat here hoping that something will change. We continue to develop our service and come up with innovative solutions. In times like this, we are still able to ensure the best recruitment assistance to our clients by thinking outside the box.

As part of our evolving service, we help our clients to recruit highly skilled candidates from overseas. And this isn’t as complicated as you may think. We can walk you through the whole process.

But why choose candidates from overseas? It’s not only a great way to deal with the current skills crisis. Candidates who are wanting to come to the UK for work are usually highly motivated and ambitious. Plus, once they have relocated the are usually eager to perform and more likely to stay with you on a longer term basis. The international experience that candidates can bring is also a great way to acquire new skills in your business.

Let’s look at this is more detail –

Attracting the best candidates from abroad

The Skilled Worker VISA is the main immigration route for overseas nationals who wish to work in the UK. It will allow you, the employer, to recruit overseas workers to fill a wide range of skilled vacancies. So, let’s consider whether recruiting international candidates under this scheme is right for your business.

Here’s three key things to consider –

  • Under the Skilled Visa route, you can only hire workers for ‘eligible occupations’. But this is where we can help. Simply send us your job description and we will run all the checks for you. And then let you know if international recruitment is the right choice for your business
  • You need to be prepared to pay at least £25,600 or £10.10 p/h; whichever is higher. We can advise on minimum salaries for the vacancy you are looking to recruit for
  • The Skilled Visa can last for up to 5 years. However, after this point it is possible to extend. Alternatively, the candidate may be able to apply for permanent settlement in the UK.

By working with PSi Talent, we ensure that the candidates meet both yours and the Home Office requirements.


Become a VISA sponsor

If recruiting internationally is of interest, the first step is to apply for a sponsorship license. This is approved by the Home Office and allows you to assign Certificates of Sponsorship to your international candidates. Successful candidates will be granted entry clearance, or permission to stay for the period of employment, up to a maximum of 5 years.

It can take just 8 weeks to be approved by the Home Office for a sponsorship license. And once it’s in place, it will be valid for 4 years.

Who choose PSi Talent when it comes to attracting the best candidates

Our team will –

  • Run compliance checks for your vacancy
  • Advice on the minimum salary in order to be approved by the Home Office
  • Advertise your vacancy in 15 different languages
  • Identify and assess suitable international candidates
  • Ensure your candidate is compliant with UK Immigration Law
  • Document and digitally store proofs of the recruitment process and candidates skill level. This is to ensure that you are compliant for keeping records of sponsorship

Attracting and sponsoring skilled workers from abroad really isn’t as complicated, as timely, or as costly as you may think. And it’s a great way to attract the best candidates for your vacancy in times like this. If you would like to find out more about how our team can help, get in touch with us today and let’s get the ball rolling.


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