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Engineering Jobs in High Demand in 2021

Engineering jobs are in high demand across the UK and this is set to continue. In fact, continuing to fill the demand for engineers will generate an additional £27 billion per year for the UK economy from next year!

The demand for engineering apprentices and graduates will pretty much double over the next 12 months. But a significant proportion of students for engineering come from overseas. Are we likely to see the UK’s departure for the EU having a significant impact on the future availability of engineering graduates?

So if you are considering a career in Engineering, whether entry, mid or senior level, it’s good to think ahead to which engineering jobs will be in high demand this year and beyond.

Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance Engineer

A Maintenance Engineer is a great starting point for your career in engineering. It’s a great way to really gain valuable experience and plays a pivotal role in any manufacturing company. A Maintenance Engineer will check, repair and service machinery and make sure the everything is running smoothly. Reliability is the name of the game in maintenance. But there’s a hands-off element too. A lot of Maintenance Engineers will also plan their own scheduled maintenance based. So you need to have a methodical mind as well as an interest in engineering.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineers evaluate production processes and try to make them more efficient. This could include things like eliminating waste, implementing new systems or even new machinery. A less hands on role, this job include lots of evaluation of processes. If the idea of looking at engineering specifications and process flows, excites you then this is the engineering job for you! Industrial Engineers are vital to any manufacturing process.

Environmental Engineers

If you are looking for a career in engineering that also gives something back to the planet, maybe you should consider being an Environmental Engineer. An Environmental Engineer’s sole purpose if to research and develop methods to help improve and protect the environment. This covers a wide range of jobs within the sector! But in particular, there is demand for graduates with the ability to combine engineering principles with things like biology and chemistry. This combination of skills helps to develop solutions for pollution, ozone depletion and lots more!

Chemical Engineer

Another engineering job that combines sciences, maths and engineering. The focus of a Chemical Engineer is to solve problems. This may be by helping to develop new processes and quint for manufacturing chemicals, fuel, drugs, food and other products. There’s also a big degree of safety management involved in the job of a chemical engineer.

Engineering Managers

And of course, all these new jobs that are being created in the engineering sector has a knock on effect when it comes to more senior roles. Engineering managers are in high demand as they help to plan, direct and coordinate all the activities of an engineering company or team. An Engineering Manager can be making plans for the development of new products one day and hiring staff the next day. It’s a varied role that involves a lot of multi-tasking and coordination of work.


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