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How Has Your Recruitment Partner Responded Throughout The Coronavirus Lockdown?

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, businesses across the world have had to make rather dramatic and sudden changes to the way they operate.

As a Senior Leader, whether that be in HR, Operations, Facilities Management or Finance, you’ve had to deal with lots of things on top of the day job. Furlough, social distancing at work, self-isolation and lots more have been added to your workload, all whilst still meeting the expectations of your customers.

Has your current staffing supplier been working with you to help you throughout this time? Or have they left you to get on with it yourself whilst they focus on protecting themselves as opposed to helping you protect your business?

So, how has your current staffing supplier responded throughout the Coronavirus lockdown? Here’s some questions to ask yourself –

Have they actually responded?

Have they been checking your needs on a daily basis?

Have you received any offer of support to cover any shortfall?

Have they even been in contact – or contactable?

Basically…have they been awake or have they been asleep?

You need to be able to rely on your staffing agency now more than ever. Whether that be with filling short term needs, fulfilling project requirements and managing costs. This is how we have responded –

Through strategically positioning our operational staff before lockdown, PSi have been busy meeting 100% of the staffing requirement across our client base throughout, on a 24/7 basis, whilst adhering to all safety guidelines.


recruiting technical staff

Not a single PSi client has needed to look elsewhere.

We’ve been quite happily filling the roles that other suppliers were simply unable – or unwilling – to fill!

PSi have been awake, alert and actively supporting any key worker requirement throughout this crisis!


Some may call this level of service ‘the new normal’……


With bespoke supply models delivering industry-bashing performance metrics across the whole of the UK, isn’t it about time you enjoyed our ‘normal’?

PSI Recruitment – we do what a recruitment agency is supposed to do!

Get in touch with one of our specialist consultants today and never be let down again.

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