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How to Resign Gracefully

How to resign gracefully isn’t a skill. Simply follow our top 5 tips.

So, the time has come to hand in your notice. You may be nervous, worried, excited – on a rollercoaster of emotions. Resigning from a role can be daunting, but if you’re prepared with your next steps, this should be an exciting time. A new adventure is on the horizon.

Before you take that next step, it’s important to consider the way you’ll resign. Even if you have bad blood with your employer, it is important that you keep it professional. In this moment, it’s vital that you think carefully about how you will resign without damaging your career potential. After all, you never know what your future holds; your cards may align with your old boss, company, or work peers.

Check out our top tips on ways to resign without burning any bridges.

Follow procedure when you resign

Now this may be obvious, however, in recruitment, we’ve heard it all. Our best advice would be to follow your company’s resignation guidelines. Whether that be working the correct notice, completing an exit interview, or training a new employee, it is important that you show willingness.

We understand that you may have the desire to run out as soon as you possibly can. However, this won’t serve your future career well. Showing willingness will maintain positivity while you work through your notice period. It’s amazing how paths will cross again, so be sure to remember this as you work your notice.

Be honest (but not too honest!)

Does your company conduct exit interviews? If so, this is your time to share your experience with the company. This step will serve your employer well by providing an insight into culture, benefits and the behind the scenes life as an employee. This feedback is vital to many companies.

However, to keep a positive connection between yourself and your employer, it is important that you are honest, but not too honest. You may have had bad experiences which has contributed towards you resigning. Sharing your experience is fine, however, it’s how you deliver it that’s most important.

While you resign, see this step as your opportunity to provide ideas on how things could be improved – however, only do so if you’re invited to.

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Remain professional when you resign

For most people, this will go without saying. However, if your experience as an employee has been difficult, it’s understandable that you may have some negative feelings. Nevertheless, while you resign, it is important that you remain level-headed, calm and professional.

The way you conduct yourself when you resign will speak volumes to your current employer. This could impact your long-standing professional relationship, aiding or hindering your career. You select which one you would prefer.

Although this time may be tough, it is important that while you resign and whilst you work your notice, your behaviour is professional at all times.

Maintain your network

As you enter a new chapter of your career, you never know when you may need a helping hand from your network. Your network can serve you well in many ways. From helping you find future opportunities, to promoting your skills to their network. Keeping a strong link with your old colleagues and peers will benefit you.

Your paths may cross in the future. Therefore, it is important to resign on a positive foot, while keeping an open mind on future collaborations.

When you do resign, make sure you consider the above steps to positively influence your career. Although you may feel relieved to walk away from your current employer, your behaviour within your notice period, if negative, could come back to haunt you. Provide yourself with the best opportunities, by resigning gracefully.


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