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Should You Recruit Before Christmas?

Should you recruit before Christmas? It’s a question, no doubt, on many hiring managers’ minds right now. Do you get things started now, or do you wait until the New Year?

You may think that candidates stop their job search in December. Choosing to focus on the festivities and waiting for the new year. new job bug. But recruiting now could actually be a great decision for your business. We show you why you should recruit before Christmas.

REASON ONE – More candidates to choose from

As candidates approach the end of the year, they begin to make career decisions to take them into the new year. Yes, the build up to Christmas usually reflects a different atmosphere at work. But this doesn’t mean that candidates aren’t thinking about how it will feel to return in January. We are speaking to candidates every day who are keen to secure their next role before Christmas. They want to start 2023 with a renewed sense of excitement and a chance to make their mark in a new role.

REASON TWO – There’s less competition if you recruit before Christmas

Whilst some companies are focused on Christmas parties and festive celebrations, you can get ahead by continuing to recruit. Some companies press the pause button on hiring new employees over the Christmas period and postpone for the New Year. They are obviously not aware of the benefits of Christmas recruits! There are currently more job vacancies in the UK than ever before. And this can mean that great candidates are getting multiple calls a day about a new job. If other companies slow down their hiring before Christmas, it gives you the ideal opportunity to stand out above the crowd.

recruit before christmas

We’ve written before about the increasing salaries we are seeing across many industries. But, if you recruit before Christmas, when the market can be slightly less competitive, you may end up paying a little less salary than if you wait until January.

REASON THREE – Start 2023 ahead of your competitors

Waiting until January to recruit can mean that you are waiting until the end of March for someone new to start! It takes a week or two for the nation to settle back into the flow of things. That means that you’re not likely to be making offers until the end of January and waiting for notice periods can see start dates delayed further. Why wait? By recruiting now, you can interview and offer before Christmas meaning your new starter can be with you before January is out.What a great start to the new year to have a full compliment of staff.

We can help you recruit before Christmas

We understand that the end of the year can be busy for many managers. Recruitment may not be in your plans. However, we can do the hard work for you and find high calibre candidates ideal for your roles. Share your requirements with us and will find the very best candidates for you. Get in touch with our expert team today and let’s see if we can give you everything on your list this year.

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