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Is it Time for a New Job?

Thinking about looking for a new job?. As things begin to settle and return to a new normal, it’s natural to be considering your career options.

The jobs market hasn’t ben this active in years. The opportunities out there are nothing short of fantastic. And with our working life takes up most of our time, this is your moment to be selfish and find your dream new job.

Get in touch with our team and let us tell you about the exciting opportunities we are currently working on.

5 signs it’s time to start looking for a new job

You’re feeling uncertain now that furlough has come to an end

When the furlough scheme ended at the end of September, over 1m people were essentially left in limbo. Maybe your job has been supported by furlough recently. This is bound to make you feel a little uncertain about the future. Maybe now is the time to have a complete career change? It’s a great time to do that! Lots of industries are thriving in the post-pandemic world – and engineering is certainly one of those. It’s never been easier to change careers that it is right now.

You need more flexibility in working patterns

Are you currently able to enjoy flexible working? Is this something you wish you had more of? Whilst a lot of engineering and technical jobs are hands-on, and therefore require you to be on site, not all jobs are the same. Some sales or account management roles in this sector can be performed remotely.

Therefore, if you are looking for more flexibility, it’s probably time for a new job.

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You feel demotivated and have lost your passion for your job

This is a very common warning sign that a different job could be just what you need. Everyone has an unproductive day here and there. However, if it is becoming a day to day occurrence, where you’re lacking motivation to work to your best ability, start writing your resignation letter. But give us a call first and we will help you to secure interviews.

You dread Monday’s – time for a new job

For most of us, it’s normal to have a case of Monday blues from time to time. However, if your negativity goes beyond the Monday blues, it’s time to look for a job that excites you! No one should have to be in a job that they don’t enjoy. Especially with all the amazing opportunities out there. Maybe it’s just a new company you need, or it could be a complete career change!

There’s a lack of opportunity in your current role

Do you feel like you have ‘outgrown’ your current job? Want to learn new skills and have new experiences? Or do you want to increase your salary with a promotion. If you don’t have these options in your current company, searching for a company who do should be your next step.

Get in touch with our team today and let us help you find your dream job.

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