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Benefits of Using a Specialist Recruiter to Find Your Next Job

Specialist recruiters – we really are worth our weight in gold! It’s likely that you’ll be working right up until 65, maybe even beyond! Therefore, it’s imperative that you’re working in a job that you love, for a company that respects and invests in you. If you’re feeling like you need to change your job, be that with a new company or even a complete career change, the prospect can be a little daunting.

Sifting through job boards, perfecting your CV, applications, interviews and rejection can be stressful and time consuming. This, on top everyday life, can all become a little too much and can leave you feeling a bit lost. However, have you ever considered letting a recruiter do the work for you?

Recruitment agencies are hired by businesses who are looking to fill their current vacancies with employees. Therefore, recruiters don’t find jobs for people, they find people for jobs. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s in it for you if you were to use a specialist recruiter like us to help you find a job. Our team share some of the many benefits of doing exactly that.

1. Time saving

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a new job before, how many hours did you spend looking through job boards and filling in applications? We can imagine it was a lot more than you would have liked. This time could be halved if you were to use a specialist recruiter like us. We spend our days searching for suitable candidates for our clients. As specialist recruiters, we know what jobs are out there pride ourselves on matching the best candidates to the best jobs.

2.Your networking pool becomes a whole lot bigger with a specialist recruiter!

You may have built up an impressive amount of connections over the years. However, by working with us, you can also gain access to our connections too, helping you get the most out of your job search. When you send off an application, you are relying solely on your CV to represent who you are, what you’re about and what you can do. But, if we think you’re a good fit for a job, we can back this up further. Part of our job is to make connections and with us helping you with your job search, it will in turn enhance your own network.

3. A helping hand through the recruitment process

We want the best you. Our consultants will help you prepare for everything from applications to accepting an offer. We can even help you with improving your CV, interview techniques and provide you with feedback on your interview performance.

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4. Recruiters want to place you!

In most cases, a recruiter will receive commission for placing you. Therefore, we will work hard to place you in a role that you’ll both enjoy and thrive in. We will support you with any queries or worries you have; help you prepare and look after you throughout the entire process. This gives you the best possible chance of securing your dream job.

5. Access to more job opportunities

Something you might not know is that not every vacancy is posted on a job board. Some companies rely on specialist agencies such as ours. We can point you in the direction of roles that are hard to come by which could actually be the dream job you’ve been searching for. With more job opportunities available, the better the chance that you’ll find just the job for you.

6. Do you have specialist skills? Result!

Often, for roles that require specialist skills, there are fewer suitable candidates than vacancies. We get to know you, your skill set and your capabilities. Which means we know exactly whether or not a role is suitable for you. We can also provide you with details about the business that you would never have known just from reading the job description.

7. You remain on our database

If, unfortunately, you aren not successful in the first role we put you forward for, you would still remain on our database. That means that you are on our radar should another suitable position become available. Don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten about. We actively market strong candidates and will work with you to help you secure that dream job.


Why PSi Talent

Here at PSi Talent, we pride ourselves on the exceptional service that we provide to both our clients and our candidates. Just take a look at some of our testimonials.

Getting to know you is a priority of ours, along with helping you find the role that you deserve. At PSi Talent, we understand the importance of working in a job you love, that can offer you career progression opportunities, whilst also providing you with a positive work-life balance. What we want is also the best for you.

We are specialist Engineering and Technical recruiters. So, if you work within these industries or think you would like to, why not get in touch with us today?

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