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Christmas Job Hunting

Your Essential Guide to Job Hunting at Christmas

Job hunting at Christmas. The jury is out. Is it worth it, or should you take time out and start again in the new year?As the Christmas holidays creep closer by the day, you may be looking forward to a complete switch off. However, we did read a report earlier this week that stated as many as 1 in 3 will be making themselves available for things like checking emails and catching up. And this is all despite having time off. Therefore, don’t let the Christmas break put a stop to your job hunt. Whatever reason you’re looking for a new job, continuing your job hunt over Christmas can be rather fruitful.

Our team share their top tips to continue job hunting at Christmas

Check that your CV and LinkedIn are up to date

We all lead busy lives. Therefore, it may be a while since you really read through you CV, or checked your LinkedIn profile. They may not as strong as they could be. Better to apply with a weak CV that not apply at all right? Wrong! Despite the general skills shortage in the UK, companies are still focused on getting the right candidate. So, whether you’re applying through and agency, or direct to the company, making sure that your application is the best it possibly can be is still key.

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Job hunting at Christmas will help you to get ahead of the competition

There will be lots of people looking to take that much needed Christmas break. Leave the job search until January – New year, New job – but this isn’t always the best plan. Waiting until the new year may seem like a great idea. But the reality is normally that you get back to work and it takes over again. And you’re back to where you were before Christmas. Use the festive period to keep your job search going and you can get ahead of the competition. We are reading that as many as 10m people will be looking for a new job in the new year. So why not start now and get ahead?

Job hunting at Christmas

Even companies who paused their hiring over Christmas will return on the first week of January wanting to get moving on interviews. And there are still a number of companies who use Christmas as a time to interview. Therefore, if your application is already with a recruiter, or indeed the company directly, you’re likely to be asked to attend interview quickly. Be prepared!

Why not learn a new skill over Christmas?

Is there something you’d love to learn? Something that may help your application when job hunting over Christmas? The festive break is the perfect time. There’s such a wealth of free online courses available that you should be able to choose something that fits with you. Maybe it’s just a few hours to refresh your knowledge? Or, maybe there’s something entirely new you want to know more about. There are courses available to suit everyone.

And what a great addition to your CV! Taking some time out of your Christmas break to upskill can really work wonders for your application. It shows your commitment to learn, your drive and your enthusiasm. So, stand out this Christmas and continue your job hunt.

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